The Company

We provide Performance management and Sales skills training to companies and individuals. Our award winning training complements and builds on your talents and your potential. We ensure our training is relevant and practical and focuses on helping you do your job better and perform at a higher level. We take the theories, tools and techniques and focus on you, bringing out the best in you and your people. We have a passion for helping people learn, reinvigorating and inspiring performance.

Our performance management training gives you the confidence to successfully manage your people, to connect with them so they want to work for you.

The managers we remember as the best managers are the ones we really wanted to work for and do well for, the ones we wanted to perform for. Developing your people to perform is about your skills, your knowledge and mostly it's about you. We help you design a framework which will enable you to performance manage against objective performance criteria to ensure consistency and fairness in managing your staff performance. The role of any people manager is to effectively performance manage and motivate their staff. Our programmes train delegates in the techniques of on the job performance management, putting performance systems into practice. We train skills & techniques in: PM model, leadership styles, motivating people, defining targets, collecting performance data, performance feedback & coaching, feedback cycle, appraisals, handling difficult people, planning improvement. We design case studies and simulations based on real life examples from your organisation in order to maximise learning.

Our sales training helps you achieve new heights. It centres on you as the key to sales success, providing you with practical tools and techniques you can really use and that really work to achieve sales.

The best sales people are the ones that help buyers to buy. Our training courses focus on building on core skills and developing the sales ability inside all of us. We focus on you and your ability, honing the most important skills of a sales person, that of questioning and influencing to achieve profitable sales and satisfied customers. The key to selling is finding out what is of real value to the customer. The skill of the sales person is to uncover these value drivers and demonstrate how their products and services can help the customer. Our selling programmes focus on how we can help the buyer to achieve their business objectives and satisfy them that they are getting value for money. We consider the role of the sales force, buying process, selling process, account preparation, objective setting, value investigation, questioning techniques, objection handling, matching, closing. We help you to manage your accounts effectively and efficiently.

We also offer bespoke training programmes in people management, telesales and customer service skills development. Talk to us about your needs.